Service Fees

Payment instructions

Service fees must be paid in advance to the Embassy’s kwacha bank account in Zambia. Please note that the full service fee must be credited into the Embassy’s account before the service in the Embassy. Any bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the payer.  

The account details are:
Bank: Citibank Zambia Ltd. 
Account holder's name: Embassy of Finland
Branch: Main Branch
Sort code: 030001
Account number: 251194009

Use the following as a reference in the payment: 1) name of the applicant (surname, first name); 2) service needed (residence permit, passport, legalization)

After paying send the pay slip/receipt to [email protected] and book an appointment.

Passport and identity card

Service Price (€) Price (ZMW)


140 ZMW3,750

Fast-track passport

160 ZMW4,290

Temporary passport

175 ZMW4,690

Laissez Passer travel document

140 ZMW3,750

Emergency Travel Document ETD

140 ZMW3,750

Temporary alien's passport

45 ZMW1,210

Identity card

90 ZMW2,410

Identity card when passport application filed at the same time

58 ZMW1,550

Request for unlocking of identity card

30 ZMW800