Where and how to apply for a visa?

If your country of destination is Finland, you must apply for a visa at the Visa Application Centre indicated by the nearest Finnish mission. Honorary consuls and honorary consulates do not grant visas.

How to apply for a visa

  1. Fill in the visa application form at the website finlandvisa.fi(Link to another website.). At the website, you will find information about the documents, appendices and passport photo you need to submit an application. You can check the required visa application documents without logging in on the website finlandvisa.fi.
  2. You can even fill in an application in pdf format(Link to another website.) either by hand or with computer. Even when filling in a pdf application, you should check the required visa application documents at the website finlandvisa.fi(Link to another website.).
  3. Book an appointment for submitting your application at the VFS Global Visa Application Centre(Link to another website.) in your country of residence.
  4. All visa applications must be submitted in person. Your biometric identifiers will be collected at the same time. Fingerprints will not be collected if fingerprints were collected for an earlier application for a Schengen visa less than 59 months before.
  5. A visa fee will be charged for processing visa applications (see the Service fees(Link to another website.)). The Visa Application Centre may charge an additional service fee for processing the application (see the website of VFS Global Visa Application Centre(Link to another website.)).
  6. Family members of EU citizens who are covered by the EU Free Movement Directive(Link to another website.) may submit their application for visa either at a visa application centre or at Finland’s mission abroad.
  7. The mission may invite you to a personal interview to find out about the purpose of your visit.

Processing times of visa applications

You must submit your application well in advance. You may submit an application no more than six (6) months before the start of the intended visit. The processing time of a visa application is 15 days.

The processing time may be longer if a more detailed examination of the application is required.

For citizens of Türkiye and those who live permanently in Türkiye, the Finnish Embassy in Ankara also processes visa applications for citizens of Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, as well as citizens who live permanently in these mentioned countries.

Citizens of the above-mentioned countries and the residents permanently residing in the mentioned countries can submit a visa application at the VFS Global service center(Link to another website.).

Please note: For citizens of Jordan and those who reside there permanently, Embassy of Norway in Amman represents Finland in visa matters.