New Intern

New Intern

Meet our new intern, Janina Voong! Welcome onboard!

Janina Voong

Hei kaikki, 大家好!

I’m Janina and I have had the honor to begin an internship as the Team Finland Knowledge intern at the Embassy of Finland. 

Currently I’m a Master’s student at the University of Lapland majoring in law. I’m glad to have this opportunity to work and see a glimpse of the ‘real world’ already during my studies. 

With the guidance of the whole team at the embassy I hope to not only take a deep dive into Singapore but also contribute to the cooperation between Finland and Singapore in the areas of education, science, business and innovation. I look forward to the many experiences these six months will bring.

I’m a fan of languages and will leave you with one of my favourite sayings, which happens to be in Korean.

잘 부탁드리겠습니다!