Customer service: Embassy of Finland, Astana

Customer service only by appointment at [email protected]

Residence permits

In Kazakhstan, applications for residence permits are accepted at the Astana visa center from citizens of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Instructions for booking an appointment can be found at


In Kazakhstan, Schengen visa applications to Finland are processed by Finland’s Embassy in Astana.

All applicants must submit their applications at Finland's Visa Application Centre(Link to another website.) in Astana or Almaty. Additional information [email protected]  


Full contact information

The Embassy of Finland will be closed in 2023 on the following holidays:

  • 2.1.2023 (Mon) New Year
  • 6.1.2023 (Fri) Epiphany
  • 21-23.3.2023 - Nauryz
  • 7.4.2023  (Fri) Good Friday
  • 10.4.2023 (Mon) Easter Monday
  • 1.5.2023  (Mon) Labor day
  • 18.5.2023 (Thu) Acsension  day
  • 23.6.2023 (Fri) Midsummer
  • 6.12.2023 (Wed) Independence day
  • 25.12.2023 (Mon) Christmas day
  • 26.12.2023 (Tue) 2nd day of Christmas