The office of the Permanent Mission of Finland is situated in the following address: 23, Avenue de France, 1202 Geneva, which is an excellent location near several international organizations. For example, the Palais des Nations of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization are located within walking distance of the block of offices.



The permanent representative's official residence is situated near the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations, the Palais des Nations and a great number of other international organizations in Grand-Saconnex, at a convenient distance from both the city center and the airport of Geneva. The residence is one of the units of a terraced house, where the Norwegian, Icelandic, Mexican, Syrian and South-African  permanent missions also have their respective official residences.

The premises are the property of the Finnish government. The property was bought in the late 1960s and first served as a chancery. However, the chancery was relocated closer to the Palais des Nations in 1990 and the vacated premises were renovated and altered to serve as an official residence.