A diverse world, universal human rights

The UN Human Rights Council is indispensable in promoting and protecting human rights for all, including the most vulnerable. Finland is honoured to serve as a member of the Council during the 2022–2024 term.

As a member of the Council, Finland emphasizes our long-term human rights priorities. These priorities are also reflected in our commitments(Link to another website.) presented during our candidature.

We work together with all stakeholders to uphold universal human rights. Finland supports the independent work of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights and her Office, as well as the special procedures and mandated investigations by the Human Rights Council.

Finland supports the participation of civil society and human rights defenders in the work of the Council and seeks cooperation with them. 

Women’s rights and gender equality is our long-term priority. We promote women’s meaningful participation in decision-making at all levels of society, women’s economic empowerment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as ending violence and discrimination against women.

Finland’s work in the Council is steered by our deep conviction to ensure the rights of those in the most vulnerable situations, including in the context of digitalization, new technologies, climate change and education.

Finland pays particular attention to the rights of Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities and LGBTIQ+ persons.

Finland participated in the review of our human rights situation under the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review in 2022.