Required attachments to the application for a passport or an identity card

  • An old passport or an identity card issued by the Police for identification.
  • 1 black-and-white or colour photo, taken within the past 6 months. Preferably, the photo should be in colour, but black-and-white photos, too, are accepted for the time being.
  • Men aged 23 to 30: passport for a person liable for military service; civilian serviceman certificate or certificate of call-up. If these are not available, the authority issuing the passport or the identity card verifies the national defence liability from the relevant authorities. If the applicant has not performed military or civilian service, the passport is issued for no longer than until the end of the year when the applicant turns 28.
  • Persons with a permanent residence abroad may be required to present a separate certificate of nationality.

Learn about passport photo requirements(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) on the website of the Police.

Additional note for applications in Cyprus

  • Residence permit of Cyprus or another possible country of residence; if the applicant has also Cypriot citizenship or citizenship of another foreign state, passport and the citizenship decree of the country in question has to be presented. If citizenship has been acquired by birth, the birth certificate of Cyprus or the other country in question is sufficient in itself.

  • A separate certificate of citizenship might be needed in equivocal cases. Then Finnish citizenship can be proven with Finnish Immigration Service’s decision of retaining Finnish citizenship or of acquiring Finnish citizenship.