Exceptional opening hours

Embassy of Finland in Warsaw will be closed on the following days:

​​​​​​​Friday 1.1.2021 New Year's Day

​​​​​​​Wednesday 6.1.2021 Epiphany

Friday 29.1.2021 closed from 10.30

Friday 2.4.2021 Good Friday

Monday 5.4.2021 Easter Monday

Monday 3.5.2021 Constitution Day

Thursday 13.5.2021 Ascension Day

Thursday 3.6.2021 Corpus Christi

Friday 25.6.2021 Midsummer Eve

​​​​​​​Monday 1.11.2021 All Saint's Day

Thursday 11.11.2021 Independence Day of Poland

Monday 6.12.2021 Independence Day of Finland

​​​​​​​Friday 24.12.2021 Christmas Eve