Team Finland in the Philippines

Team Finland in the Philippines

Team Finland network works towards global success of Finland and Finnish business. The network brings together state-funded operators and their services that promote internationalization of Finnish companies, investments to Finland and Finland’s country brand.

Team Finland network comprises over 80 local offices all over the world. They bring together Finnish authorities, publicly funded organizations and other Finland-related key operators. Domestically Team Finland network consists of such important actors as the teams of local ELY Centers. Companies receive help, ranging from guidance to funding and building community relations.

The Philippines is a market with a lot of potential for Finnish business and know-how, including now when the world is starting to recover from the pandemic. There are market opportunities to be explored, for example, in smart infrastructure development, digitalization and ICT, circular economy, fight against climate change, healthcare, and education.

Explore Team Finland programs(Link to another website.) run by Business Finland and join other success stories in your particular field!

Education Finland(Link to another website.) provides you information about Finnish world-class education know-how and how it could be brought to other countries.

Team Finland in the Philippines is happy to assist Finnish business in facilitating access to Philippine authorities, solving trade policy problems together with the local EU Delegation and providing relevant market information.

Team Finland contact persons in the Philippines

Coordinator and Chairman

Ambassador Juha Pyykkö

Business and export promotion

APAC Regional Manager of Business Finland Pekka Laitinen

Team Finland operators in the Philippines

  • Embassy of Finland, Manila
  • Representative of Business Finland based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Honorary Consulate General of Finland in the Philippines

Embassy of Finland in the Philippines is a member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines(Link to another website.).  The Executive Director of the Chamber is Mr. Jesper Svenningsen: [email protected].

You can join the local Team Finland e-mailing list by sending a message to the following address: [email protected]

Financing export

For companies that are preparing themselves for heading abroad, there are many financing alternatives(Link to another website.) from Business Finland

The Philippines is considered a developing country by the OECD, and some financing alternatives suitable for this kind of markets are listed below.

Developing Markets Platform by Business Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Developing Markets Platform(Link to another website.) (previously BEAM program) combines Business Finland services with those of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finnpartnership and other key partners. We help Finnish companies and their partners access Asian and African growth markets in ways that are compatible with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We offer information, advice, contacts and project funding for developing markets.

Finnpartnership’s business partnership support and matchmaking services

Finnpartnership(Link to another website.) is a business partnership programme financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and managed by Finnfund. Finnpartnership aims to generate positive development impacts by promoting business between Finland and developing countries.

Finnish companies or other operators are eligible to apply for business partnership support. It may be granted for starting business activities that aim to establish long-term, commercial cooperation that is profitable. It is intended for the research and training phases of this type of a project.

Whether it is regarding a customer relationship, partnership, project, joint venture or even importing, the matchmaking search is the quickest and easiest way to identify potential business partnerships in developing countries. Over a number of years, Finnpartnership has collected business partnership initiatives from developing countries for Finnish companies to use. The free matchmaking service is a path to these initiatives and contacts.

Furthermore, Finnfund(Link to another website.) is a Finnish development financier worth getting to know. Finnvera(Link to another website.) provides financing for the start, growth and internationalization of enterprises, and guarantees against risks arising from exports.