Team Finland -verkosto Malesiassa, Filippiineillä ja Bruneissa

Team Finland in Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei

Team Finland network is represented by over 80 local offices all over the world. They bring together Finnish authorities, publicly funded organizations and other Finland-related key operators. Domestically Team Finland network comprises of such important parts as the teams of local ELY Centers, numbering in 15. The companies will receive help if asked, ranging from guidance to funding and building community relations.

Team Finland contact persons in Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei


First Secretary Teemu Laakkonen


Ambassador Petri Puhakka

Business and export promotion

APAC Regional Manager of Business Finland Juha Miikkulainen

Senior Advisor Mohamed Farid

Joining the Team Finland e-mail list is possible by sending a message to the following address: [email protected]. Current information concerning the markets of Malaysia is shared through the list.

Team Finland operators in Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei Darussalam

  • Embassy of Finland, Kuala Lumpur
  • Representative of Business Finland in Malaysia
  • MFBC, Malaysian Finnish Business Council
  • Honorary consulates of Finland in Philippines

Embassy of Finland in Malaysia is a member of the Nordic Chamber of the Philippines operating in Philippines.  The Executive Director of the association is Joona Selin: [email protected].

Financing export

For companies that head abroad, specially to developing markets, there are many financing alternatives

Malaysia and the Philippines are considered developing markets in the view of OECD, and some financing alternatives suitable for these markets are listed below.

Team Finland Explorer financing

Team Finland Explorer financing is meant for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for midcap companies, who are looking for new markets abroad for their products, services or business models. The company can be in its early stages of internationalization or be already operational in export markets.

With Explorer financing, the company can buy new know-how, with which it can advance in new markets. This financing is only meant for covering costs from bought professional services. The financing, issued by Business Finland, amounts between 5000–10 000 Euros and it covers 50% of the costs of buying professional services. The total size of the project is between 10 000–20 000 Euros.

BEAM program by Business Finland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The joint BEAM program of Business Finland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs helps Finnish SMEs and other operators to solve global developmental challenges through innovations by converting the challenges into successful and sustainable business. The program supports Finnish companies, NGOs, research organisations, universities and others in developing, piloting and demonstrating innovations that improve well-being in emerging markets, while giving rise to international business opportunities for Finnish companies. The program is not restricted to any particular fields. 

Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support and Matchmaking service

One can approach Finnpartnership on questions relating to business operation in developing countries. Finnpartnership offers business partnership support and comprehensive information services. It is advisable to contact the experts in Finnpartnership already in the planning phase of the project. The experts will instruct during the different stages of the project. The services Finnpartnership offers are free of charge. Together with Business Finland and the Embassy of Finland Finnpartnership organized Doing Business in Finland seminars in Malaysia and Philippines in 2016 and in Malaysia in 2018.

Business partnership support is financial support meant for planning, development and training stages of the establishment and import projects. Finnish companies or other operators are eligible to apply for the support. Support may be granted for starting business activities that aim to establish long-term, commercial cooperation that is profitable.

With the help of the free Matchmaking service, companies abroad can seek for new collaboration options and place ads in which business partners are sought after in Finland. Finnpartnership conveys the business partnership initiatives placed by companies from developing countries to Finland. The concept of business partnership here refers to the long-term collaboration of companies or other economic operators from Finland and developing countries for instance in the form of joint venture or import from a developing country.

Team Finland’s Programs

Speed up your company’s growth. Internationalize. Explore Team Finland’s programs run by Business Finland and join other success stories in your particular field.

As a partner of Team Finland, Business Finland administrates over 40 significant programs. With these programs Team Finland assists hundreds of Finnish companies in their steps to international markets and attracts investments into Finland from around the world.

The National Agency for Education administrates Education Finland program (link only in Finnish), that aims at exporting Finnish Education. Finnish education export offering can be found here.

Team Finland team’s services in Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei Darussalam

Finnish companies have traditionally come to Malaysia due to its permissive environment regarding regulations, logistical location, reasonable labour costs and stability. In global competitiveness rankings Malaysia is a match for the world's best. There are around 50 Finnish companies operational or represented in the country.

The economy of the Philippines has grown around six per cent over the recent years. Finland is the largest exporter to the Philippines of the Nordic countries. There are 25-30 Finnish companies with either operations or offices in the Philippines and additionally some companies operate through their local business partners. From a Finnish point of view promising business sectors include ICT as well as health and biotechnology.

With its prestige the Embassy can open new doors for Finnish companies by, for instance, attending meetings between businesses, assisting in contacting local authorities and by providing market information from Malaysia and the Philippines. Embassy also follows trade policies concerning both its target countries and regions. Economic reports are published in the home pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the embassy. Embassy attends the executive council of MFBC, Malaysia-Finnish Business Council.

The video link below provides more information about Team Finland services: (only in Finnish)