Team Finland services for exporting goods and doing business abroad

Team Finland is a network of public sector bodies, dedicated to helping Finnish companies grow and be successful abroad. It also promotes Finland’s country image and attracts foreign investments and experts to Finland.

Team Finland network consists of:

Learn more about the network and its services: Team Finland network helps your company go global(Link to another website.)

Team Finland abroad

Abroad, the Team Finland network brings together the Finnish authorities, publicly funded organisations and other key parties with ties to Finland who are operating in a particular region. Finnish Ambassadors serve was Team Finland country managers in their country of posting. Team Finland Counsellors and Coordinators at Finland’s missions are there to help you.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Finland’s missions monitor and promote Finland’s economic interests abroad. Our tasks within the Team Finland network are to identify changes in the global operating environment and to exert influence on them, for example, by removing trade barriers and by supporting an open international operating environment that promotes competition. We help companies by providing information about the ways the EU trade agreements are used in different parts of the world.

When you are building your company’s path to the world market

  • we can help you make contacts and create networks
  • we can give you advice and information about the business environment in your target country
  • we can help you gain market access and avoid different kinds of barriers to trade
  • we organise trade missions together with Business Finland, more information: Team Finland visits: access the world with the ministers(Link to another website.)
  • we award export authorisations for dual-use items together with the Ministry of Defence
  • we support trade with developing countries through various financial instruments, such as Finnfund, Finnpartnership and PIF

Team Finland services at various stages of internationalisation: Team Finland network services for companies(Link to another website.)

Team Finland Knowledge network

The Team Finland Knowledge (TFK) network promotes Finland’s global reputation as a country of high quality education and science. The network helps achieve a more internationally oriented position in higher education and research and accelerates the process. The network promotes the country image so that students, researchers and other talents see Finland as an attractive option.

The TFK experts are stationed in eight countries and their strengthen Finnish educational and research cooperation and promote exports of Finnish knowledge, expertise and educational innovation.

The experts work at Finnish embassies as part of the Team Finland country teams.