If you become a victim of crime abroad

Take good care of your valuables. Report robberies and violence to the police.

Becoming a victim of robbery or violence

Take good care of your valuables

Robberies and pocket-picking are commonplace in many tourist destinations abroad. A wallet kept in the back pocket or a handbag hanging on the back of a chair is an easy target. Carry only the necessary items with you. Leave your valuables in the hotel safe. Do not leave your passport or money in a car. Keep at least one payment instrument separate from others. Avoid walking down dark alleys alone. Avoid demonstrations.

Report robberies and violence to the police

Report an offence to the nearest police department as soon as possible. A police report is required to obtain a new passport, for example. Your insurance company will also require a police report in order to process your claim.

Report lost cards and mobile phones

If your bank or credit card is lost, stolen or captured by an ATM while you are abroad, contact your bank’s blocking service immediately. 

If your mobile phone or the SIM card of your phone is lost or stolen, contact your mobile phone operator immediately.

Help from travel agency or mission

If you need help while abroad, contact your travel agency or the nearest Finnish mission or honorary consulate. If there is no Finnish mission in the country in question, you may contact the mission of some other EU Member State(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).

In urgent, traumatic crisis situations (for example an accident, death of a close person, or a case of robbery or violent crime) you may contact the nationwide Social Emergency and Crisis Centre, Wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava (in Finnish)(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) which operates 24/7 (+358 9 4191 5800) or the Victim Support Finland(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).

Rape abroad

If you are raped abroad:

  1. Go to a safe place and ask for help.

  2. Go see a doctor immediately. To obtain evidence, it is important that you do not wash yourself or change your clothes. The medical staff will check your injuries and provide care instructions.

  3. Report the offence to the local police. Note, however, that extramarital relations are prohibited in some countries. The consequence for reporting a rape may be that the victim becomes the accused. If you are uncertain about the legal consequences, contact the Finnish mission in the country in question or a lawyer.

  4. Seek crisis counselling.

How can Finnish mission help?

  • help you receive medical treatment and report the offence to the police,

  • provide you with the contact information of local doctors and lawyers,

  • contact your family members or friends in Finland upon your request,

  • provide you with the contact information of a crisis care centre, and

  • assist you in making travel arrangements for return to your home country.

The offence will be dealt with in accordance with the local legislation of the country of commission. The police investigation of the matter will take some time. A lawyer can represent you in your absence, but it may be necessary for you to return to the country in question for court proceedings.