Finland will outsource the submission of Schengen visa applications in Cyprus

Finland will outsource the submission of Finland and Sweden visa applications in Cyprus. Finland Visa Application Centre maintained by VFS Global will be opened in Nicosia on 21st November 2023. New Visa Application Centre will make it easier to apply for a visa to Finland or Sweden and give more extent services to applicants. Visa application centre is located in 49A Metochiou Street, 1101 Nicosia, Cyprus.

The applicant must submit the application in person and in good time because the processing of the application is 15 calendar days. An appointment at the Visa Application Centre must be booked beforehand.

Even after the Visa Application Centre has opened, the Embassy of Finland will process the applications and make all the visa decisions. The Embassy will continue handling all notary matters, residence permit and passport applications.The appointments already scheduled to the Embassy will remain as agreed.

The website(Link to another website.) and helpline for visa applicants will be launched in 10th November 2023. On site can be found information about submitting visa applications and returning of decisions. There is also FAQ section to answer the most frequently asked questions. Via website you may book an appointment time to visa application centre.

Visa applicants are also served in helpline number +357 22 008 547 and via e-mail [email protected].