Diplomatic relations 60 years: Forewords by the Ambassador

Diplomatic relations 60 years: Forewords by the Ambassador

The Ambassador Mr. Harri Mäki-Reinikka
The Ambassador Mr. Harri Mäki-Reinikka

Dear Friends of Finland and Cyprus,

I am the 17th Ambassador of Finland in Cyprus and 5th in a row as Head of the Mission in Nicosia. It is a privilege and honor to represent Finland in Cyprus during this year 2021, when our countries are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations.

The covid-19 pandemic has limited the physical contacts of the representatives of Finland and Cyprus. However, the ongoing pandemic has not prevented us to strengthen the diplomatic ties between our countries. Both Finland and Cyprus share common values and strive for peace, stability, cooperation and welfare in our own countries, in the European Union and United Nations respectively.

Over the years, some 10 250 Finnish peacekeepers at the UNFICYP, numerous businessmen, civil servants and tens of thousands Finnish tourists have represented Finland on the island, where they are welcomed back as soon as the situation allows.

Cyprus is located in a fragile Eastern Mediterranean region with many challenges. The problem concerning the island, division, has lasted almost half a century. The reunification, however, after many disappointments in the previous negotiations has not remained only as a dream. 

The talks on the reunification of Cyprus are continuing this spring under the leadership of the United Nations. The parties are encouraged to find a positive and acceptable result to all. The key to a solution is based on the resolution by the UN Security Council defining the bi-zonal and bi-communal federation with a political equality. In this framework, whole Cyprus should stay as member of the European Union.

It would be a delightful news, if a positive result was achieved this year. For Finns it would remain in their memories as a year of solution of the Cyprus problem as well as a year of celebrations of our countries’ diplomatic relations.

In European scale, Finland and Cyprus can be considered geographically fairly distant countries. As soon as the direct flight connections will be reconstituted, our countries will once again become closer to each other. The fastest direct flights between Finland and Cyprus last only around four hours. With the recovery of physical contacts, the more sophisticated virtual meetings will stay as forums of our countries bilateral cooperation and as a resource in empowering further our friendship and diplomatic relations.

The diplomatic relations between Finland and Cyprus were established on 2.9.1961 and due to this event and the year of celebration, the Embassy of Finland in Nicosia is using this platform to share public our common history and stories, photos, videos and news from various events. We wish all of our followers interesting and pleasant virtual moments with us and with friends of Finland and Cyprus!


Harri Mäki-Reinikka
Ambassador of Finland to Cyprus