Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation Call for Proposals

Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation Call for Proposals

Deadline to submit concept notes: Thursday 12.09.2019, at 15:00 (GMT +3)

Fund for Local cooperation is part of Finland's Country Strategy in Tanzania. It complements the Finnish-Tanzanian bilateral cooperation especially under the outcome area "More accountable and inclusive public policy making".   

The 2019 Call for Concept Notes is looking for project proposals, which aim at supporting:

  • Human rights defenders
  • Fight against  sexual and gender based violence
  • The rights of people with disabilities

The Embassy of Finland's Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) builds on the view that sustainable development cannot be achieved without an active civil society. In Tanzania, civil society organizations are needed both for their advocacy work as well as service delivery. The FLC aims to build partnerships between the civil society organizations and the Embassy of Finland and to support the organizations so that they can operate more effectively.

With FLC, the organizations can, for example, influence policy processes, monitor government actions or enhance service delivery to vulnerable groups with the ultimate aim of poverty reduction and realization of human rights.

How to apply?

The Embassy will provide core and project based support. The maximum funding for core support per organization is 100 000 euros for the two period of two years and for the project based support 60 000 for the period of two years. The applicants have to specify which category (select only one category) they are applying. The Embassy is able to provide core support to 1-3 organizations and project based support to 1-3 organizations.

This  year the FLC Call for proposals is done only by using the online system. Applications, which are sent via email or post, are not accepted. Eligibility Criteria and any other relevant information are available in the attachments. Please read attached documents with all due care before starting to fill the online form.

The FLC committee of the Embassy in Dar es Salaam will review both the core support applications and the project concept notes.

For the project support, there will be a second phase where shortlisted applicants will be requested for a full proposal including a detailed project proposal and budget breakdown. More information about the phase II will be offered directly for qualified organisations.

For further information, please contact Ms. Asna Mshana

[email protected]

Tel: +255 22 2212400, +255 767 919915

Select one category:

Core support

Project based support

We recommend you to go through the questions and prepare your answer beforehand in order to guarantee successful use of the online survey. It is possible to browse through the questions without submitting your answers with the online platform. To do so, press the ‘Exit’ button in the upper right corner when you want leave the platform without saving your answers.