Finland's Mission in Pakistan

Embassy of Finland, Islamabad

In consular and residence permit matters serves the Embassy of Finland in Abu Dhabi.

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Islamabad(Link to another website.) represents Finland in visa matters.

Current Affairs

Schengen visa fees to increase in June

The European Commission decided on 22 May 2024 to increase Schengen visa fees as of 11 June 2024. The increase will apply worldwide.

Advance voting abroad in June’s European elections in 2024 in Pakistan

The voting day for the European elections in Finland is Sunday 9 June 2024. Abroad, advance voting will be conducted between 29 May and 1 June 2024, but many of the advance polling stations abroad are open for a shorter period than this.

Press releases | 9.2.2024 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

In the second round of presidential election, 62,294 people vote at advance polling stations abroad

Press releases | 25.1.2024 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

58,757 votes cast at advance polling stations abroad

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