Passport application for a child

A child is not entered in the parents' passport. The child must be present in person when a passport for him or her is applied.

Consent of the parents or guardians

As a rule, a passport is issued for a minor upon the parents' or guardians' consent.

The consent must be obtained from the child's all parents or guardians. The consent may be given in writing, too, if it is sufficiently detailed:

  • The consent must specify the person who is the subject of the consent (full name and date of birth).
  • The consent must contain the full name, date of birth, contact details and signature of the person giving the consent.
  • The consent must be written in a language the embassy official understands (e.g. Finnish, Swedish, English).
  • Potential limitations concerning the period or region of validity must be mentioned.

A parent or guardian may be asked to be present to identify the child.


  • A passport may be issued without a parent's or guardian's consent only for a special reason; for example, if the consent cannot be obtained because of the parent's or guardian's travel, illness or some other similar reason.
  • A passport can be issued for a child also without a parent's or guardian's consent:
Passport Act (section 11) "If a parent or guardian refuses consent, the passport can nevertheless be issued to a minor, if not issuing it would be clearly contrary to the interests of the child and if it can be considered obvious that the child is only temporarily going to be taken to another state against the consent of the parent or guardian." (unofficial translation)

The authority issuing the passport clarifies the interests of the child.
See the Passport Act (in Finnish) in the Finlex Data Bank Passport applications for minors, section 7, and Passports for minors, section 11.