Embassy of Finland, Yangon



Customer service

Customer service for consular issues through [email protected].

Embassy in Yangon doesn't handle passport applications of Finnish citizens at the moment. New passports can be applied at the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok. In case of a lost passport you can apply for an Emergency Travel Document at another EU member state Embassy in Yangon for travelling home.

Visa applications to Finland are handled at the Embassy of Germany in Yangon. Applications must be submitted at the VFS Global Visa Application Centre. More information via the call centre at +95 9 750 131 378 or by e-mail [email protected].

Residence permit applications are handled at the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok. More information and bookings for appointment via [email protected].

24/7 service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: Tel. +358 9 160 55555, e-mail [email protected]. The 24/7 service number should only be used in case of emergency occuring outside of office hours and during public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Telephone exchange

  • +95 1 751 3175


  • +95 1 750 7493


  • +95 1 751 3459
  • +95 1 751 3627
  • +95 1 751 3740

Visiting address, post address

Embassy of Finland
Nordic house, No.3,
Pyay Road, 6 Miles,
Hlaing Township

Riikka Laatu
Head of Mission
Katja Hirvonen
Senior Specialist
Sanna Takala
Annika Rautiainen
Administrative Officer, Consular Services
Than Lwin