Team Finland in Lithuania

Team Finland(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) is a network of public actors, offering internationalisation services to Finnish companies. The aim is to provide a smooth service chain from information sharing and advice giving to financing.

The core of the Team Finland network is formed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the public organisations and foreign representations working under these ministries. Around the world there are over 80 local teams representing the Team Finland network. In their own region, they gather the Finnish authorities, public organisations and other Finland-related actors (e.g. chambers).

In Lithuania, the objective of the Team Finland is to provide information for private companies on Lithuania as a business environment and market area, promote establishing necessary contacts as well as give advice and support in problematic situations. We also make the Finnish society and its strong sectors better known in Lithuania through different channels.

Lithuania, in general, is interested in the model of the Finnish society, high level of education, our know-how in technology and innovation, as well as Finland’s progress in many other fields, such as environmental protection and energy efficiency. In Lithuania, Finland is often associated with ideas of quality, innovativeness and functionality. Part of our image are also reliability, creativity and equality. Finnish expertise and know how is highly appreciated in Lithuania. There is potential for Finnish businesses for example in the field of energy and environmental solutions.

Team Finland Coordinator in Lithuania

Deputy Head of Mission Elina Rimppi
Tel: +370 5 266 8010
Embassy of Finland, Vilnius
Email: [email protected]

Team Finland Actors in Lithuania

Team Finland work in Belarus is carried out by the Liaison office in (Opens New Window)Minsk (Opens New Window), which operates under Finland’s Embassy in Lithuania.

Public Services for Finnish Companies Interested in Lithuania

1. Establishing a factory / shared service center / research and development unit, assisting other Finnish investment to Lithuania (related to exports, not related to sales in Lithuania), finding a reliable business partner (subcontractor or provider of Lithuanian products and services) in Lithuania (different industries), tourism to Lithuania:

  • Embassy of Lithuania in Finland
    Aleksandras Laurinavicius, Commercial Attaché
    [email protected]

2. Information on Lithuanian business culture, networking with Finnish companies already in Lithuanian market, exchange of experience, peer-assistance:

In Finland: Finnish-Lithuanian Trade Association SuLi

In Lithuania: Finnish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce FLCC

  • Chairman of the Board Laimonas Markauskas, +370-659-68659
  • CEO Rubina Haapamäki, +37061273507

3. General info on legal environment in Lithuania:

  • Finnish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce FLCC
    Chairman of the Board Laimonas Markauskas, +370-659-68659
    CEO Rubina Haapamäki, +37061273507.

4. Promoting Finnish exports, general information on business opportunities in Lithuania, business with Lithuanian public institutions, contacts with Lithuanian authorities (problem solving, “door-opening”):

  • Embassy of Finland in Lithuania, [email protected], Tel. +370 5 266 80 10.
    Ambassador Arja Makkonen
    Deputy Head of Mission Elina Rimppi
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, department for Northern Europe: [email protected]

5. Establishing contacts and problem-solving in Klaipeda region:

  • Honorary consul of Finland to Klaipeda region, Krister Castrén, [email protected], +37069870600.

6. General information on Lithuania, networking in Finnish regions:

Honorary consuls of Lithuania in Finland: