Team Finland in Ireland

Team Finland(layout.types.url.description) in Ireland assists Finnish companies in gaining knowledge on Irish markets and networking with local companies and institutions. Globally, Team Finland network promotes

  • internationalisation of Finnish enterprises

  • investments on Finland

  • Finland’s country brand abroad

The core of the network consists of the publicly funded organisations operating in these fields, such as the ministries, Finland’s network of diplomatic missions, Business Finland(layout.types.url.description), national culture and science institutes, Finnvera(layout.types.url.description), Finnfund(layout.types.url.description) and the regional internationalisation services, built upon the ELY Centres(layout.types.url.description).

The Team Finland network will help your enterprise become more international, grow, and succeed in the global market.

Contact persons for Team Finland in Ireland

Coordinator: Saara Heinola, Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission
Tel. +353 1 478 1344

Chair: Raili Lahnalampi, Ambassador

Team Finland partners in Ireland






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