Service Fees

Service Fees from 1.2.2019

Passport and identity card



140 €

Fast-track passport

160 €

Temporary passport

175 €

Identity card

90 €

Identity card, when applied together with passport

58 €

Permits for entry and residence


Residence permits  (including family relations)

470 €

420 €

First residence permit for work or a self-employed person

600 €

400 €

First residence permit, no labour market testing (other work, specialist, researcher, athlete, coach or trainer)

550 €

350 €

Residence permit for studies

360 €

300 €

Residence permit for a minor

250 €

220 €

Schengen visa

60 €

Schengen visa for children aged 6–11 and for citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine.

35 €

Schengen visa for children under 6 years, family members of EU citizens as well as school pupils, students, postgraduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake stays for the purpose of study or educational training.

0 €

Citizenship matters


Citizenship declaration

200 €

150 €

Citizenship declaration for a minor

100 €

80 €

Release from citizenship

480 €

Request for determination of citizenship status 50 €

Notarial and other services


Notarial certificate 

30 €
Assistance to Finnish citizens in distress 40 €



Note! Passport and identity card fee to the bank account

The passport/identity card fee should be paid in advance to the Embassy´s bank account.
Cash payment or cards are not accepted.

Bank account information: Embassy of Finland, Alpha Bank, IBAN GR33 0140 1940 1940 0232 0000 776.

The name of the applicant and the words "passport/identity card application" must be entered in the message field. Please, have the receipt with you when applying the passport/identity card. Completed passports/identity cards can also be forwarded to the applicant by registered post at a cost of 5 €. Also the postage fee must be paid to the bank account in advance. 

Also Notary Services must be paid in advance to the Embassy´s bank account.