Mikis Theodorakis begins the series of Anniversary articles

Mikis Theodorakis begins the series of Anniversary articles

This year is the 100th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Finland and Greece. To celebrate the Anniversary we introduce some people who have been important for the Finnish-Greek relations. Naturally, the first person is maestro Mikis Theodorakis, Greek musician, who is loved and respected in Finland.

Mikis in Paris 1971 Copyright: www.mikistheodorakis.gr

For me, Finland is not a Scandinavian country. It's a ... Finnish country! And this is explained by the fact that every single Finn, due to a national atavism, contains inside him a small Dionysos. This has made me to love this country from the very beginning.

Arja Sajonmaa personified this love and helped me understand why I, a Southerner, never felt stranger in your beautiful, mythical country.

The astonishing rise of your living standards must become a model for our people, since it does prove that when Dionysos finds himself in the right national and social conditions, he can do miracles paired with an effective but mild rationalism.

I should particularly mention that a special and extremely moving moment for me was when Arja sang "Kaimos " (Grief) at Olof Palme’s funeral ceremony, according to his own wishes. https://youtu.be/Q8ulyM8TLMQ


With appreciation and love,

Mikis Theodorakis


Mikis and Arja fishing in July 1992 in Trondheim, Norway Copyright: www.mikistheodorakis.gr