Foreign Minister Tuomioja and Norwegian Foreign Minister Brende visit Kiev

Press release 52/2014
5 March 2014

Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja and Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende are visiting in Kiev on 5–6 March.

The Foreign Ministers will meet, among others, with Aleksandr Turtšinov, Acting President of Ukraine, members of the new Government, representatives of the opposition and members of the Ukrainian Parliament.

The topic of discussions is the Ukrainian crisis, including the situation in Crimea and Ukraine’s internal political and economic situation.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Brenden’s previously agreed visit to Helsinki is therefore cancelled.

Additional information: Director General Terhi Hakala, Department for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, mobile tel. +358 50 432 5570, and Diplomatic Adviser Katja Kalamäki, mobile tel. +358 40 590 7973