Information about Coronavirus - Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (31. 3. 2020)

Information about Coronavirus - Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (31. 3. 2020)

Where to find information about Coronavirus in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

Kysymyksiä ja vastauksia matkustamisesta ja koronaviruksesta


In respect to the current situation we would like to provide you a list of Czech and Slovak institutions where the most relevant information about the situation of coronavirus in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic can be found.

The newest information regarding to Coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic + the Slovak Republic will be placed on Facebook Pages:


Czech Republic (31. 3. 2020)

!!!The government approved a ban on going out without the mouth and nose covered valid in the Czech Republic as of 18.3.2020!!!
Starting from 24.3., between 8AM and 10AM, only people over 65 can do their shopping in shops. It's supposed to protect the elderly from infection. Others may do their shopping in other times.

!!!Ministry of Health started new website: new phone number 1212 !!!

Non-stop info lines: 1212, +420 724 810 106, +420 725 191 367, +420 725 191 370

+other important contacts:

If you feel you have Coronavirus symptoms, call: 112 



The government banned a free movement of people in the Czech Republic over the further coronavirus spread as of midnight March 16 until April 11.

The free movement ban in the country does not apply to travelling to work and health care facilities, to the family if need be and for basic needs.

Citizens are allowed to enter public spaces only in groups of two.

The government declared a state of emergency on March 12 until April 11.


Flight Information - Prague Airport: 




Measures in the Czech Republic 

Coronavirus spreading may be qualified as a crime.

From 17.3.2020, it is mandatory to have your mouth and nose covered in the Prague public transport, it also applies to other towns. If you do not have a medical masks, please use a scarf.

  • Travel restrictions:

The Government of the Czech Republic has banned Czech citizens and foreigners with a permanent or temporary stay over 90 days from the Czech Republic to travel anywhere.

The government bans all foreigners, with the exception of people with permanent or temporary residence, from entering the Czech Republic.

Both measures taking effect in the night from Sunday (15.3.2020) to Monday (16.3.2020).

Borders between the Czech Republic and Germany + the Czech Republic and Austria can be crossed at 11 crossings (Germany: Strážný, Pomezí nad Ohří, Rozvadov, Folmava, Železná Ruda, Krásný les, Hora sv. Šebestiána. Austria: Dolní Dvořiště, České Velenice, Hatě, Mikulov)   


please, see: 

Information in English from the Czech ministries: 

Ministry for Foreign Affairs :

+420 224 182 554

+420 224 18 2 605

+420 224 182 839

+420 224 182 469

+420 224 182 950

+420 224 182 125

Ministry of Transport:


Ministry of Health:

You can get the most up-to-date information at the Czech info line of The National Institute of Public Health (Státní zdravotní ústav) :

+420 724 810 106, +420 725 191 367 - the info lines operate non-stop


Ministry of Interior:


Ministry of Transport:



Slovak Republic (20.3.2020) 

There is an info line and email address dedicated to coronavirus situation: Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic  +421 0917 222 682 

[email protected]sk


Train passengers are obliged to wear a mask or other protective items while on a train from 16.3.2020.
Face masks are also obligatory in Bratislava public transport and also in other towns.
People are recommended to wear face masks also in public.

Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in the Slovak Republic:


Where to get information about the coronavirus in the Slovak Republic:


Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs:

Ministry of Health:

information only in Slovak:

Ministry of Interior:

information only in Slovak:

Ministry of Transport:

information only in Slovak