Green Economy

Finland is a global forerunner in the transition to a Circular Economy. Finland offers innovative technology and expertise in areas such as Waste-to-Energy, Bioenergy, automated waste collection systems, automated recycling machinery, water management, wastewater treatment and water reuse solutions.

Finland is launching, in cooperation with the African Development Bank, a new technical assistance and financial support facility for Circular Economy development in Africa. The facility will support the work of African Circular Economy Alliance, where South Africa is a founding member, as well as stimulate private sector efforts in transitioning to Circular Economy.

The Embassy of Finland is proud to announce three new financing partnerships (2021-2024) in South Africa to support innovative circular economy startups. WomHub works with female entrepreneurs in innovation and job creation in circular economy; ICLEI Africa and LaunchLab accelerate circular economy innovation related to food, climate and health; Fetola works with SMEs to accelerate their growth and development in circular economy.

More information on the Embassy’s support to circular economy hubs.