Updated Visa Code to apply from 2 February 2020

Updated Visa Code to apply from 2 February 2020

The EU is revising its Visa Code in order to facilitate visa procedures for travellers and to respond more effectively to the challenges posed by illegal migration. Finland will start applying the new Visa Code on 2 February 2020 together with other Schengen countries.

The revised Visa Code will speed up and streamline the procedures, for example as follows:

• A visa application may be submitted six months before the journey.

• Uniform rules are introduced for issuing multiple-entry visas: applicants with a positive visa history may be issued multiple-entry visas whose validity can be extended in stages, being one year initially but ultimately up to five years.


To ensure that Member States can better cover the costs of visa processing, the visa fee will be increased to EUR 80. For children aged 6–11, the visa fee will be EUR 40. The reduced processing fees specified in visa facilitation agreements (e.g. with Russia) will not change following the introduction of the Visa Code.