The Team Finland network in South Africa facilitates export of Finnish food products, as well as innovation in the whole of agricultural value chain, including solutions for water and agricultural technologies. When it comes to agricultural outputs and food, the trade balance between our countries is strongly leaning to the benefit of South Africa. Finns love especially the South African wines and fruit, but South African consumers would surely appreciate the Finnish flavours as well. The main export products from Finland in the sector are grains, mainly oats, and feed ingredients.

The Embassy’s Agricultural Counsellor and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland strongly support the engagements with South African authorities to enable market access for animal-based foods, which in turn will open markets to larger variety of products.

The Team Finland network continues to explore new opportunities in the agricultural sector in general, in line with industry organisations in Finland, which have identified opportunities in the food system in its entirety in the African continent.

In the forestry sector, new market opportunities are developing through skills training, forestry management and the involvement of South African forestry stakeholders with Finnish companies.