Time for advance voting in Finland’s Municipal Elections 2021 in Kosovo has changed.

Time for advance voting in Finland’s Municipal Elections 2021 in Kosovo has changed.

The municipal elections will be held in Finland on Sunday 13 June 2021. Advance voting will be possible at the Embassy of Finland in Pristina from 2 to 3 June 2021.


In municipal elections, the right to vote is linked with the residency in the municipality in question, which means that Finns residing permanently abroad are not entitled to vote in the municipal elections


In addition to Finnish citizens, citizens of another Member States of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway and foreigners who have had a municipality of residence in Finland for an uninterrupted period of two years have the right to vote.

People, who have reached the age of 18 not later than on the day of the election day 13 June, 2021, have the right to vote.

Address:           Embassy of Finland, Str. Perandori Justinian 111. Pejton, 10000 Pristina

Time:                 2-3 June 2021 from 12:00 to 19:00


https://vaalit.fi/en/frontpageLink to another website.


Voters who are eligible to vote in municipal elections can exercise their right to vote also through postal voting, which is organized by the Ministry of Justice. Eligible voters are requested to order the postal voting documents also in the case that they are planning to cast their vote abroad during the actual advance voting period. Due to the coronavirus situation, postal services are not available to some countries. The Ministry of Justice will cover the cost of the use of commercial courier services for the delivery of postal voting documents to these countries.

If you have ordered postal voting documents prior to the change of the date of the elections, you can use these documents for the municipal elections on 13 June.

Instructions for voting by letter and the material order form can be found at: https://vaalit.fi/en/postal-votingLink to another website.