Message from Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi to Finns in the US

Message from Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi to Finns in the US

Dear Finns in the United States,

The exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus touches us all. The situation is constantly developing, which means that it is important that each and every one of us follows the information provided by local U.S. authorities on how to act and what kind of restrictions are in place.

Finland and other European countries are also taking measures. The media provides a good overview of the situation and information about it. Official information can be found on the websites and social media of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Finland in Washington, and the Consulate Generals of Finland in New York and in Los Angeles. Information for Finnish travelers regarding the return back to Finland can also be found there.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus is felt all around the world and will, according to analysts, last for a rather long time.

As President of Finland Niinistö said, ”...the whole world is in a state of emergency. Nobody can say how things will turn out in the end, but we can already see that the effects are profound and enduring. Our daily lives will be inevitably affected, and we will be compelled to face a reality, in which our thoughts and actions are dominated by health, livelihood, and consideration for others.”

Each and every one of us can have an impact on how we will get through this crisis. We have a possibility of sharing responsibility by being responsible for our own actions but also in helping others cope with the situation. The Embassy and Consulate Generals of Finland in the United States are doing our best from our part.

With my best regards,

Kirsti Kauppi


Consular Services

In situations of emergency, please contact the 24/7 service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at +358 9 1605 5555 or at ) These channels should not be used for general inquiries so that they won’t be over-strained. Additionally, any questions on changes or cancellations of flights should be directed first and foremost to flight companies, travel agencies, and insurance companies. The website and social media of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs provide more information concerning this.

The Embassy of Finland’s customer service phone hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm. You can also reach us via e-mail: passi.was ( at ) For now, our passport service is open only in urgent emergency cases – appointment mandatory. Should there be any changes to this, we will inform you about it on our social media and website.

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