Ms. Tahiya Omary spent the International Day of the Girl at the Embassy of Finland

Ms. Tahiya Omary spent the International Day of the Girl at the Embassy of Finland

We were very happy to have Ms. Tahiya Omary to spend the International Day of the Girl 10.10.2019 with us. This is how Tahiya described her day:

Thursday 10th of October 2019 was quite an amazing day for me as I spent it at the Embassy of Finland in Dar es Salaam. During the day, I learned a lot about Finland’s relationship with Tanzania and about Finland’s support to Tanzania on different aspects of social and economic development.

What I learned most about was leadership. A leader has to think and act beyond what he or she is supposed to do. Being a leader does not simply mean to direct others to perform tasks but also to involve yourself in them and to be aware of how the activities are being conducted. For example, today I took the position of an Ambassador at a meeting with the representatives of a Finnish university. In the meeting, we were discussing how to apply innovations and technologies from Finland to construct affordable housing for low-income earners using local resources.

Furthermore, I found my discussions with Ambassador Riitta Swan during the day very inspiring. Ambassador Swan described her time in the United Arab Emirates as a female Ambassador and to my surprise, she described how the United Arab Emirates is promoting gender equality. As a female Ambassador, she used to be the one who women felt inspired by.

We also talked about empowering youth and how it will help to improve a country´s economy. She also advised me on how to reach my goals.

All the people who I met and worked with were very kind and supportive. They taught me many things and I learnt a lot from them. I will use and share what I learned from you well.

Text by Tahiya Omary