Finland hands an international human rights award to Thai Lawyers for Human Rights

PRESS RELEASE 27.10.2022 Embassy of Finland in Bangkok has awarded Thai Lawyers for Human Rights a HÄN Honor for its exemplary work advancing human rights and equality in Thailand.

The honor was delivered by the Director General of the Department for the Americas and Asia at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Jari Sinkari, in an award ceremony at the Finnish Ambassador’s Residence.

“Thai Lawyers for Human Rights has made a significant contribution to strengthen the rule of law and access to justice in Thailand. This makes Thailand more equal and contributes to its further success.” Sinkari said in the ceremony.

“On behalf of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, we are deeply honored and grateful to have been chosen to receive the HÄN Honor. This award is a testament that our work has played an important role in bolstering the pro-democracy movement, and is internationally recognized by all like-minded members of the human rights community,” said Yaowalak Anuphan, Director of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights.



Miika Tomi, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland in Bangkok, +66 2 207 87 13, [email protected]

Montana Duangprapa, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, +66 6 1314 2685, [email protected]


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