New Intern

New Intern

Meet our new intern at the Embassy, Jussi Kastepohja. Welcome on board!

Jussi Kastepohja

Hello everyone!

My name is Jussi Kastepohja, the new intern at the Embassy of Finland in Singapore. My educational background is Master of Political Science focusing in East Asian politics.  I'm also interested in learning more of the international sphere of business and marketing.

I've been living my whole life somewhat here and there, and identify as third culture kid (TCK) although my roots in Finland are strong and I love the Finnish cabin life in summer by our thousands lakes. Equally, I love our snowy winters and doing various winter sports. I'll describe myself as a social introvert who likes new adventures that life brings such as hiking in the mountains as well as deep conversations with friends and reading books at cafés.

Currently, as CEO at a Finnish NGO that produces social welfare services with approximately 100 employees.  However, I'm taking half a year off for this internship in order to discover more about my other topic of interest, which is diplomacy.  I look forward to explore this multicultural hub, learn more about Singapore culture and to know people.  Hopefully I get to try as many of the delicious Singaporean cuisine as I can.