Independence Day greeting from the President of the Republic of Finland to Finnish expatriates and Finns abroad on 6 December 2022

Dear Friends,


We are celebrating Finland's Independence Day in an exceptional atmosphere. Many of us have concerns about the war in Europe and our ability to cope in daily life with the rising energy prices and cost of living. However, in Finland we have always managed to overcome difficulties. I am confident that we will manage this time, too.

A significant part of Finland’s wealth comes from exports, and our country needs international talent to build prosperity. With this in mind, we must make better use of your contribution to attract new talent.

You have built your own networks and shared your experiences of Finland around the world. For many, you may be their only contact with Finland, a country that may seem somewhat strange and distant but that, despite darkness and cold weather, has the happiest people in the world.

Considering all people of Finnish descent, there are about two million of you who live across the world and cherish your Finnish heritage. While there may be thousands of kilometers between us, you may still have a close relationship with Finland, perhaps with memories of pristine nature or well-functioning services. You can again share these memories with your loved ones on this Independence Day and in the coming Christmas season.

I would like to wish all expatriate Finns and people of Finnish heritage around the world a very happy Independence Day!

Sauli Niinistö
President of the Republic of Finland

The greeting as a PDF file (83 KB)