Foreign Minister Stubb’s statement on the death of Osama bin Laden

Foreign Minister Stubb’s statement on the death of Osama bin Laden

Press release 137/2011
2 May, 2011

Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb was informed early this morning that al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden had died as a result of a strike by American special forces in Pakistan.

“A page of history turned in the fight against terrorism,” Foreign Minister Stubb emphasises.

Stubb stresses that Osama bin Laden was a highly dangerous international terrorist leader whose activities led to the death of thousands of people in terrorist strikes implemented in 2001. Bin Laden continued his activities afterwards, encouraging new strikes and acting as a leading figure in international terrorism. Although bin Laden’s role in directing terrorist acts had decreased, he remained an important model and source of encouragement for terrorists.

Finland strongly condemns terrorism of all sorts. Stubb stated that the ones who suffered from the strikes led or incited by bin Laden were innocent civilians, which makes them especially reprehensible. According to international law, publically inciting people to commit terrorist crimes as well as recruiting and training people for terrorism are punishable offences.

Foreign Minister Stubb emphasises that anti-terrorist activities must be continued. The EU and the United States are cooperation closely in this.

“According to President Obama, the authorities in Pakistan had assisted the Americans in planning yesterday’s operation. This is important,” Stubb stresses.

Foreign Minister Stubb points out that we must unfortunately be prepared that the risk of terrorist strikes against travellers abroad will be greater than usual.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs updates its travel recommendations as needed.

Additional information: Lauri Tierala, Press Attaché to the Foreign Minister for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358  9 1605 5012