Funding decisions on development cooperation

Information on the decisions is published on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The funding decisions include a description of the project/programme, the target country, objectives, sector, type of support, the date of the decision and the amount of funding granted. Not all this information is available for every funding target.

Information on government grant decisions is published on the website (in Finnish)(Link to another website.). For example, development cooperation funds for the projects and programmes of civil society organisations are awarded as discretionary government grants.

The reporting on Finland’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) follows the international definitions and classification of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee.(Link to another website.) The OECD compiles and publishes internationally comparable data on the use of appropriations annually.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is committed to open governance and open data. Openness and transparency improve the effectiveness of development cooperation, reduce the risks of corruption and the misuse of funds, and strengthen accountability and ownership in developing countries.