Visa, residence permit and legalization services at the Embassy of Finland in Kathmandu

Visa, residence permit and legalization services at the Embassy of Finland in Kathmandu

The Embassy has resumed its residence permit and legalization services. We accept all types of residence permit applications. Appointment requests by email only at [email protected] VFS Global Visa Application Center accepts Schengen visa applications on a limited basis. To book an appointment contact VFS Global directly.

Residence permits

The Embassy accepts residence permit applications in the following categories:

  • Applications based on work
  • Applications based on family ties
  • Applications based on studies

Instructions for booking an appointment:

Book an appointment by email at [email protected]. When requesting an appointment, attach a copy of your electronic application or let us know in case you submit a paper applicationElectronic applications must be submitted in Enter Finland service before making an appointment request. All the required documents need to be ready when making an appointment request and presented at your appointment at the Embassy. The mission gives the applicant only one appointment, during which the applicant is identified and interviewed. The application queue is long at the moment and it can take approximately 3-4 months before you get an appointment. The Embassy will contact you directly when an appointment can be offered. You do not have to contact the Embassy separately after making your request.


  • If the legalization is related to your residence permit case, legalization can be done during your residence permit appointment. You do not need a separate appointment for legalization
  • If the legalization is not related to the residence permit case, you must make an appointment with the mission in advance. In this case, send a scanned copy of the document you want to legalize with your request. Note that legalization appointment is only for legalization
  • Bookings for legalizations via email at [email protected] 

Schengen visas

Safety regulations to be observed and followed

  • If you have the slightest symptoms of flu, do not come to the mission. In such a case, cancel your appointment, and make a new booking. We do not allow symptomatic customers to enter the embassy premises
  • In order to visit the embassy, you must have your own facemask
  • If you are unable to come to the mission within the allotted time, you must cancel your appointment and make a new appointment
  • The mission shall take care of the cleaning and disinfection of its premises. Our personnel strictly follow the hygiene and safety measures. Our goal is to keep the mission as risk-free as possible for infections, and thus safe for both staff and customers

NOTE! Due to the COVID-19 situation, it is possible that the mission will have to cancel or postpone your appointment, even at short notice. We wish understanding and patience from our customers' side, as well as cooperation for the common safety of all.