Nepalese delegates attended Student Climate summit in Finland

Nepalese delegates attended Student Climate summit in Finland

World Summit of Students for Climate brought participants from 60 countries to Finland, also from Nepal. There were about 130 students with their teachers from all continents.

Teacher Babita Bajracharya attended summit in Finland with students Sweety Shavoya and Anmoi Acharya. Photo: Hanna Päivärinta/MFA

In a closing ceremony of the World Summit of Students for Climate was announced students Climate Action Plan for 2019-2025 and a Climate Agreement of Schools.

In the Action Plan there are many concrete initiatives to reduce emissions, including reducing single use of plastics and food waste at schools, to enhance carbon sinks and to deepen cooperation between schools. In the agreement, there will be a long-term school campaign to plant trees and bind three million carbon dioxide by the year 2025.

The summit started in 29 May in Eastern Finland, in Joensuu, and the three last days, until 5 June, were held in Helsinki. During the summit days, students and teachers worked together and separately with questions related to climate, environment and circular economy. They also visited Finnish forests, planted trees and gave their statement in the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki.

The World summit of Students for Climate is organised by ENO schoolnet, a Finnish NGO. Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland is one of the event's supporters.

Students learned in Finland new tehniques to plant trees. Photo: Korpipaja/ENO schoolnet

Nepalese students from Lalipur, Anmoi Acharya and Sweety Shavoya were attending the summit with their teacher Babita Bajracharya.

"After this summit we want to tell others about the importance of recycling, ban plastic bottles, and plant a lot of trees", Anmoi and Sweety told.


Hanna Päivärinta

Author works as Communications Officer in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.