Coronavirus news in the Netherlands

Coronavirus news in the Netherlands

The Dutch Foreign Ministry recommends that people only travel outside the Netherlands if it is strictly necessary. People must stay 1.5 metres apart and avoid close contact and crowded places.

(Updated 28.5.2020)

Basic information

The Dutch Foreign Ministry recommends that people only travel outside of the Netherlands if it is absolutely necessary. Good hand hygiene and avoiding close contact is important. The Dutch authorities urge the Dutch to work remotely and to avoid visiting people, especially the elderly and people belonging to other high-risk groups. Events for which organizers would normally be required to apply for a permit or notify the authorities are banned at least until 1 September 2020.

In shops, like everywhere else, people have to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meter from each other. All public gatherings of three people or more are prohibited until 1 June. Museums, theaters, restaurants and cafes open partly on 1.6. Casinos, sports clubs and saunas are closed until 1.7. Sex clubs are closed until 1.9.

Primary schools, including special primary schools, and childcare centres for children aged 0 to 4 (including childminders) are open. Secondary schools open  2.6. Universities and polytechnics open partly 15.6.

Children and young people can play sports outdoors under supervision. Adults can play sports outdoors by staying 1,5 meter apart. Competitions and matches are not allowed nor is using shared changing rooms.

Hotels and libraries are open. Contact-based roles such as driving instructors, medical and paramedical professionals (dietitians, massage therapists, occupational therapists, etc.), hair and beauty professionals and alternative medicine practitioners are allowed to perform their jobs. They should stay 1.5 metres apart from their clients wherever possible and see clients only by appointment.

Only use public transport if there is no alternative. From 1.6. onward all passengers are required to wear a non-medical mask, or they will receive a fine of EUR 95.

Anyone who does not comply with the 1.5 m safety distance rule may receive a fine of EUR 390 (adults) or EUR 95 (minors). This applies to the whole country and the amount of the fine is the same everywhere. A fine of EUR 4.000 may be imposed for organizing events subject to authorization. People coughing or spitting toward the police will be tried and sentenced to prison (from three weeks to six months - on average 56 days).

The Finnish Embassy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs monitor the coronavirus situation. If you are showing symptoms of coronavirus, stay at home to avoid spreading the infection. Follow the bulletins, social media and websites of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and of the Embassy, as well as information from local authorities.

The Netherlands is gradually easing the restrictions 

If the virus remains under control, and by staying 1,5 meters apart:

From 1 June

  • Public gathering of up to 30 people are allowed
  • Secondary schools reopen 2.6.
  • Cafés and restaurants can reopen outdoor seating areas
  • Cinemas, restaurants, cafés, cultural institutions, museums and heritage sites will reopen (reservation / tickets beforehand, maximum of 30 people including staff)
  • Public transport returns to a normal schedule but with a maximum of a 40 percent of the seats available. Passengers are also required to wear a non-medical mask.

From 15 June

  • Secondary vocational schools, universities and polytechnics can reopen

From 1 July

  • Gyms, saunas, health spas, club canteens and casinos can reopen
  • The maximum number of visitors to cinemas, restaurants, cafés and cultural institutions can be increased to 100. This increase would also apply to the maximum number of participants at organised gatherings, such as weddings, rehearsals and funerals.
  • Shared toilets and shower blocks at campsites and holiday parks can reopen 

From 1 September

  • All people are allowed to take part in contact sports and indoor sports
  • Sport events can take place without spectators
  • Sex establishments can reopen

Restrictions can only be lifted if the virus remains under control. People must continue to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others. If the circumstances so warrant, any decision to relax measures can be reversed. (text: Dutch Government)

More information on the coronavirus situation:

Information provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Local authorities' press releases and travel restrictions can be viewed on the following pages:

Coronavirus hotline in the Netherlands: 0800 1351 (08.00-22.00), from abroad: +31 2 0205 1351.

Other useful links and contact details

Embassy of Finland in The Hague

See exceptional customer service arrangements of the embassy here:

The Embassy recommends that all travelers and people residing in the country temporarily fill in a travel notification (, after which they are able to receive notifications from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Embassy via email and SMS.