New Honorary Consul to Busan

New Honorary Consul to Busan

Finland has a new Honorary Consul in Busan, South Korea. Mr. Scott Se-Jeong Oh started his work as the new Honorary Consul of Finland on the 28th December 2020 in Busan metropolitan city, Republic of Korea with the jurisdiction over the same area.

Honorary Consul Oh
Honorary Consul Oh

Mr. Oh has previous excellent relations and knowledge of Finland as he is the Managing Director at Wärtsilä Korea Ltd. Wärtsilä is one of the oldest and largest companies that manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets.

Ambassador Pekka Metso visited the new Honorary Consul on the 4th February to personally hand over the Exequatur to Mr. Oh at the Wärtsilä premises, which also serves as the location for the Honorary Consulate in Busan.

The Honorary Consul of Finland

  • monitors the rights of Finnish citizens and foreigners residing permanently in Finland in the area in which the honorary consulate is located
  • provides advice and guidance for distressed Finnish citizens and foreigners permanently residing in Finland who are temporarily abroad, assisting them in their contacts with local authorities or the nearest Finnish embassy
  • provides some notarized certificates
  • together with the embassy promotes economic and cultural relations between Finland and Korea and takes part in strengthening Finland’s image abroad
  • can advise Finnish companies, for instance, in obtaining information about local business culture and in finding cooperation partners.

Contact information: Honorary Consulate of Finland in Busan

Honorary Consul Scott Se-Jeong Oh​​​​​​​'s CV ​​​​​​​