Advance voting abroad in Finland's municipal elections in 2021 - Advance voting in South Korea

Advance voting abroad in Finland's municipal elections in 2021 - Advance voting in South Korea

The municipal elections will be held on Sunday 13 June 2021. The advance voting period will be from 2.-5. June abroad. In South Korea you can vote at the Finnish Embassy in Seoul 2. - 3.6.2021.


The advance polling stations abroad will be located in Finland's diplomatic and consular missions or their offices in 75 different countries. A total of 108 advance polling stations will be open abroad.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the organisation of advance voting in Finland’s missions abroad and on board Finnish ships sailing outside the Finnish territory during the advance voting period.

In municipal elections, the right to vote is linked with residency in the municipality in question, which means that Finns residing permanently abroad are not entitled to vote in the municipal elections.

The Ministry of Justice of Finland has the overall responsibility for conducting the elections. It has published a list of the advance polling stationsLink to another website. and their opening hours on its website at

Voters who are eligible to vote in municipal elections can exercise their right to vote also through postal voting, which is organised by the Ministry of Justice. Eligible voters are requested to order the postal voting documents also in the case that they are planning to cast their vote abroad during the actual advance voting period. Due to the coronavirus situation, postal services are not available to some countries. The Ministry of Justice will cover the cost of the use of commercial courier services for the delivery of postal voting documents to these countries.

If you have ordered postal voting documents prior to the change of the date of the elections, you can use these documents for the municipal elections on 13 June.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible that voting cannot be organised in the advance polling stations as planned because local authorities may impose restrictions or lockdowns at short notice. Information on the dates, instructions and an order form for postal voting documents are available at vaalit.fiLink to another website..

If you are considering postal voting find out the possibilities to send the vote directly with Korean post or a commercial courier. During the pandemic the regular international mail has not been working normally.


Advance voting in South Korea


Embassy of Finland

18th Fl. Kyobo Building

Jongno 1, Jongno-gu

Seoul, 03154

Tel: +82 2 3701 0300


Open 2.-3.6.2021

14 – 20