Special opening hours 2020

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus, the Embassy has limited its customer services and is providing emergency consular services only. Currently Embassy is not accepting any visa and residence permit applications. You can reach us by phone during our office hours, or by sending us e-mail.

Date Bank Holiday Customer Service Embassy
1.1.  New Year's Day Closed Closed
6.1. Epiphany 9-12 Open
8.4. Erev Pessach 9-12 Closing 1pm
9.4. Pessah Closed Closed
10.4. Good Friday Closed Closed
13.4. Easter Monday Closed Closed
14.4. Erev Pessah 9-12 Closing 1pm
15.4. Pessah Closed Closed
29.4. Yom Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) Closed Closed
1.5. Labor Day 9-12 Open
21.5. Ascension Day 9-12 Open
28.5. Erev Shavuot 9-12 Closing 1pm
29.5. Shavuot Closed Closed
19.6. Midsummer Eve 9-12 Open
18.9. Erev Rosh Hashana 9-12 Closing 1pm
28.9. Yom Kippur Closed Closed
2.10. Erev Sukkot 9-12 Closing 1pm
9.10. Erev Simhat Tora 9-12 Closing 1pm
24.12. Christmas Eve Closed Closed
25.12. Christmas Day Closed Closed