COVID-19 Coronavirus situation in Israel

COVID-19 Coronavirus situation in Israel

Israel is gradually lifting of restrictions due the coronavirus epidemic. The restriction regarding staying within 100-meter radius from home has been lifted. It is required to wear a face mask in public areas. Public transport services have been reduced.


Israel is gradually lifting some restrictions of movement. The restriction regarding staying within 100-meter radius from home has been lifted. It is required to wear a face mask in public areas. Public transport services have been reduced.

Taxis take two passenger at a time. Three persons may travel together in a private car with the exception of persons who belong to the same household.

Grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, shops, markets and shopping centers as well as hotels are open. Museums, tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants and bars are open with certain safety restrictions. Gyms and swimming pools are open. Kindergartens and schools will be opened gradually so that all schools and educational institutions are open by 31 May. Universities, theatres, cinemas and night clubs as well as event venues remain closed. There is a 50-person limit to public gatherings. A two-meter distance is to be maintained between people.

Israel has closed its borders to foreign nationals. An Israeli national or Israeli resident arriving the country is subject to a 14-day isolation at home.

All persons with flu symptoms are instructed to stay at home. Those with severe symptoms are to contact the MDA Emergency Services Hotline 101. A person with a temperature over 38 Celsius and with respiratory symptoms (breathing difficulties or cough) should remain home for two days after the body temperature has normalized, regardless of whether COVID-19 testing is required.

The regulations and instructions of the authorities can be found in English, for example, at the Israeli Ministry of Health website.

Information on the coronavirus can also be obtained by calling the Ministry of Health Hotline *5400 (Hebrew) or 08-624 1010 (also in English).

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs recommends: “avoid unnecessary travel throughout the world”. In a pandemic, unnecessary travel translates as, for example, leisure travel. All people arriving from abroad must restrict unnecessary close contacts and enter self-isolation for 14 days. 

The Embassy of Finland - customer service

The Embassy is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and the regulations and instructions of the Israeli authorities. Please follow the Embassy’s website and social media accounts for information about the coronavirus situation:

Facebook: Finnish Embassy Tel Aviv

Twitter: @FinIsrael

Embassy Website

We urge all Finns in Israel or those planning a trip to Israel to submit a travel notification.

Embassy customer service will be open, with some restrictions, from 18th of May onwards. We admit urgent passport applications as well as population registry- and notary notifications, by appointment only. For more information and booking appointments, kindly contact (a)

Immigration services are suspended until 14th of June 2020.

Upon arrival, we ask you to observe the guidelines and restrictions of movement, currently effective in Israel.

  • We admit only 2 persons at a time in the customer service room
  • The customers shall wash or disinfect their hands upon arrival at the Consulate and at leaving the premises
  • It is obligatory to wear a face mask
  • The customers’ leaving and arrival time will be documented in an Embassy guestbook.

We serve you by phone Mondays to Fridays from 9 to 12 am.

Due to the Corona situation, our delivery- and processing times might be longer than normal.

Phone: +972 3 745 6600

Email: (at)

When the Embassy is closed, in emergencies you call the number of the Foreign Ministry's 24/7 Service Centre: +358 9 160 55555, or email: (at) Please note that the Ministry's 24/7 Service Centre is for emergencies only.

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