Where to apply for a visa?

The Embassy has recently outsourced much of its customer service and all of its appointment bookings to a private company, VFS Global. Read more below on how to book interviews and appointments to submit visas and residence permits, and customer service hours at the Embassy and the Application Centre.

Contact information


Finland Application Centre for Visas and Residence Permits(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window)
Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Mezzanine Level
Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place
New Delhi - 110001

Opening hours

Monday–Thursday  9.00AM–4.00PM residence permits

Monday– Friday 9.00AM–5.00PM  visas

Making an appointment

You have three options:

  1. Make a booking on the VFS website for visas(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window) and for residence permits(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window)
  2. Call the VFS helpline: 022-67866026 (from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
  3. Send an email to: [email protected] (Opens New Window)

The Embassy of Finland will no longer reply to inquiries regarding visas and residence permits by telephone or by email.

Can I submit my visa or residence permit application at the Embassy?

The Embassy still accepts a limited amount of both visa and residence permit applications per week. However, appointments for the Embassy should also be booked through VFS - either via telephone or via email (see contact details above). You can choose whether you want to submit at the Embassy of at the Finland application centre, but please notice that appointment slots are limited to a certain number per week at the Embassy, so if you are on a tight schedule you may not have an option.

Please also note that VFS charges a service fee for each application.