Where to apply for a residence permit?

How to make an appointment?

You have three options:

  1. Make a booking on the VFS website for residence permits
  2. Call the VFS helpline: 022-67866026 (from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
  3. Send an email to: [email protected]

The Embassy of Finland will no longer reply to inquiries regarding visas and residence permits by telephone or by email.

How do I book a family reunification interview or other interview related to residence permits?

As a rule, VFS will book interview appointments for applicants when they submit their applications at VFS. If the Embassy or the Finnish Immigration Service has instructed you to book an interview or to come to the Embassy for an interview, call the VFS helpline or send them an email (see contact details above). Do not use the VFS website to book an interview appointment! The website online booking system is only for appointments for submitting a visa or residence permit application. If you need to appear for an interview, it means you've already successfully submitted your application.

The Embassy will contact visa applicants directly in case an interview is necessary.

How do I legalise my documents for the residence permit application?

All documents to be either in English, Finnish or Swedish. Translation, if required, should be done in home country only. Documents to be legalised should be legalised by Home Country (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the Embassy of Finland in New Delhi as applicable. Indian documents must have Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs of India.