Foreign Ministers of Finland and India Unveil a Logo Marking 75 Years of Diplomatic Ties

Today the Foreign Ministers of Finland and India jointly unveiled a special logo commemorating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between both the countries. The unveiling took place when the two foreign ministers met at the Raisina Dialogue in Delhi. The logo, designed by a talented Indian student, serves as a testament to the deep friendship, cultural exchange, and collaborative spirit shared between the two nations over the past 75 years and heralds a future of continued partnership, innovation, and mutual growth.


Ms. Elina Valtonen, Finland's Minister for Foreign Affairs, said, “The 75-year journey of Finland-India relations has been remarkable. This logo beautifully symbolizes our strong friendship and growing partnership. I am honored to join my Indian counterpart in its unveiling.”

Aman Narayan, a student at the World University of Design (WUD) in Haryana, created the logo after drawing inspiration from India’s cultural ethos as well as aurora borealis, commonly known as the northern lights - the natural phenomenon for which Finland is famous for.

Mr. Kimmo Lähdevirta, Ambassador of Finland in India, remarked, "The logo unveiling by the Foreign Ministers underscores the significance of the Finland-India partnership globally. Today, we celebrate the winning design and the talented young artist who created it."



In collaboration with WUD, the Embassy of Finland in India launched a logo design competition on January 15, 2024, inviting students of the university to showcase their creativity. The overwhelming response yielded numerous unique and thoughtful designs reflecting shared values, cultural fusion, and the strong bonds that have flourished over the past 75 years.

A jury, composed of Finnish and Indian graphic designers, embassy representatives, and Business Finland, evaluated submissions based on criteria such as creativity, relevance, visual impact, conceptual strength, and adaptability. Aman Narayan's logo design won the competition.


Prof (Dr.) Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chancellor of the World University of Design, expressed pride in Aman Narayan's winning design, stating, "This logo effectively captures the essence of India-Finland ties. We are delighted that it will be used to commemorate this historic occasion, showcasing the creativity and talent of our students on the international stage at the Raisina Dialogue."