Estates abroad

If a mission receives information about an estate abroad to which a person residing in Finland may have a right of inheritance, the mission will inform the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the matter. The Ministry will provide information about the estate to the heir residing in Finland or to another concerned party whose identity and whereabouts can be reasonably ascertained.

The mission will not, however, inform the heir of the estate if it has already been taken over in whole or in part by an heir or other entitled party in the place where it is located or if it is being managed by an heir or entitled party.

At the request of the concerned party, the mission can also find out who is managing the estate abroad or assist the concerned party in finding an administrator for the estate by providing contact information for local attorneys specialised in inheritance law. The heirs must contact the administrator of the estate directly and deliver the necessary documents proving their right to inheritance, along with translations. The family relationship of the heir residing in Finland to the deceased person can be verified with an extract from the population register obtained from the administrative court or the family’s parish.