Honorary Consul of Finland in Dubrovnik resigns

Ambassador Kalle Kankaanpää warmly thanked Tilda Grossel Bogdanovic for her service as the Honorary Consul of Finland in Dubrovnik from 2016-2022. Grossel Bodganovic decided to move on and has moved to the island of Lopud. Grossel Bodganovic runs her own PR agency, Dubrovnik Partner, which organizes concerts, film festivals, conferences, weddings and other events in the Dubrovnik area. Grossel Bogdanovic has also previously worked in the Protocol Department of the City of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik, located on the Adriatic coast in the southern Croatia, is one of the most beloved destinations for Finnish tourists. More than 100 000 tourists from Finland visit Croatia every year, and there are direct flights by Finnair from Helsinki to Dubrovnik till the end of October. Next year’s direct flights start operating in early April 2023.