Finland gives a special recognition to Human Rights House Zagreb for its contribution to equality

Finland gives a special recognition to Human Rights House Zagreb for its contribution to equality

Finland places a great significance on promoting equality in the world, and wishes to thank those who are working towards this common goal. To express its gratitude, Finland has been presenting special recognition called HÄN to individuals and groups around the globe who are committed to advancing inclusivity in society. In Croatia, the honour was given to Human Rights House Zagreb.

Human Rights House Zagreb, represented by the Director Ivan Novosel, received the HÄN recognition from the Ambassador of Finland to Croatia Risto Piipponen on September 26, 2019. (Hän is the third-person pronoun in the Finnish language, standing for equal opportunity. Hän is neutral in terms of gender and social status. It’s a symbol of a better world, where people are not defined by their background or their appearance.)

The Finnish recognition forms part of a global campaign about equality, launched by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in June 2019 and continuing until the end of the year. Finland aims to bring questions of equality to the fore of the international conversation. “Our campaign seeks to emphasize the significance of equality and its power to shape society. Promoting equality is a high priority in Finland’s foreign policy”, says ambassador Piipponen. Human Rights House’s vision is to build democratic, pluralistic society based on rule of law, social justice and solidarity. It collects eight organizations from different fields of civil society to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Croatian society: MMH – The Croatian Youth Network, B.a.B.e. – Women’s    Human    Rights   Group,  CMS – Center  for  Peace  Studies, CROSOL - Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity, Documenta – Center  for  Dealing with the Past, GOLJP – Civic Committee for Human Rights, UPIM – Association for the  Promotion  of  Equal  Opportunities  for  People  with  Disabilities, and Svitanje – Association for Protection and Promotion of Mental Health.


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