Europe day’s best sandwich from Finland

Europe day’s best sandwich from Finland

Finland won the prize for the best sandwich at the Europe day celebration in Zagreb, beating the Swedish toast skagen and the central European countries known for their culinary traditions.

Francina Dass giving an interview.

The Embassy of Finland participated in the Europe day celebrations organized in Zagreb on 11th of May. Many people gathered at the Europe square on this sunny Saturday, including the Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovic, who also visited the Finland’s booth to take a Finnish paper flag for his child.

The program included “Taste of Europe” competition where the participating countries competed for the best sandwich. Finland overwhelmingly won the competition with a sandwich containing smoked salmon, horseradish and salted mushrooms, made by the Embassy’s cook, Francina Dass. The ambassador, Risto Piipponen, created the original, well-kept recipe. The sandwiches didn’t only charm the jury but also the audience. The last sandwiches had to be protected carefully so something would be left for the jury to taste. The jury consisted of three Croatian top chefs.

The other participating countries were Croatia, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic Germany, Austria, Romania and Hungary.

Francina gave interviews to all main television stations in Croatia. Several Croatian medias, including television news, reported about the Finnish victory when covering the Europe day.