Consultation by the European Commission on online visa application process

Respond to the European Commission’s questionnaire on an online visa application process.

Have you applied for a Schengen visa recently? What do you think about the application process? The European Commission is gathering citizens’ and various stakeholders’ views on an online visa application process, on the usefulness of an EU/national application portal, and on the replacement of a visa sticker with a digital visa.

Views are expected especially from Schengen visa applicants, stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry, and others with and interest in the matter.

Replies can be submitted from 11 March to 3 June 2021 by filling in the online questionnaire on this page(layout.types.url.description).

More information:

Entering the EU – online visa application process and digital visa(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window)

European Commission’s consultation on the digitalisation of the visa process (PDF 790 KB) (Opens New Window)